420 CBD DABS – Quality Hemp Dabs

An Overview Of Our 420 CBD DABS Review

Looking for a legal method to obtain CBD? A are you an expert or novice? Looking for that natural option? Organic? Powerful? We must be talking about the 420 CBD Dabs ! Crafted from pressed plants, from the industrial hemp plant, and processed so that they are within .001% purity.

The company, 420 Vapejuice, created a video which highlights their Dabs amongst other products that they also produce.

420 CBD Dabs
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Beginner and Proficianado

Just getting into CBD Dabs, or are quite serious regarding 420 CBD Dabs come in two strengths. 180 mg and the 240 mg. The amount of mg represents the amount of CBD in each gram of wax.

If you are complete newb, start off with a little wax and then move up to the amount right for you. If you have used other Dabs before, knowing the measurements/strengths allows for painless transition from another product to the 420 CBD Dabs.


The studies on CBD still continue, but there are prospects regarding helpful properties. 

  • Anxiety
  • Neural Inflammation
  • Degradation

The CBD found in the Dabs has been reported to help with these symptoms, which can be found when one is suffering from a disease such as multiple sclerosis.