Best CBD Oil, Waxes, Capsules, & Topical Cremes

The best CBD oils and waxes

CBD Oil benefits are becoming more and more known and used as the stigmas are replaced with scientific evidence. People looking for something other than THC to enjoy have found that in CBD oils. CBD contains such little amounts of THC, under 5% and thus they are legal in the majority of U.S. states. (1) That list grows almost weekly.

CBD Oil has become less expensive as the process of extracting it from hemp is becoming more and more simplified. Lifting the legal issues has given the market more common sense production and health competition. Some of the more well known CBD Oil and wax companies are  perfecting the process. So we’ve put together a list of the best CBD oil and wax  products for your vaporizer.

The Best CBD Oil Options

CBD Oil come long after seasonal harvest of hemp plants have matured. The hemp crops are high in CBD and put through a unique solvent free extraction process. This process yields hemp oil that is high in natural cannabidiol. (1)  Due to national regulations, its then tested for safety and quality. The process of importing has become a bit more easy over the past 2 years giving consumers better options than they had before. 

This list is some of the best products on the market. We have covered both CBD oil and wax dabs​. Giving you the best quality at the best prices. Enjoy....

 Just Chill 1ml  Vape CBD Oil

Just Chill 1 ml CBD oils
Best CBD Oil prices

Just Chill has a growing list of great products. The Just Child pack comes with a 1ml bottle of pre-filled flavored CBD oil . Choose from several delicious flavors including Strawberry, Jungle Juice, or Sweet Leaf.

From Just Chill's website they say, "CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a prominent naturally occurring cannabinoid component found in cannabis that comprises up to 40% of the plant. Cannabidiol is “a cannabinoid devoid of psychoactive effect.” After THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is by far the most studied natural cannabinoid. According to many researchers, CBD may be the single most important cannabinoid ever discovered."

 J. Remedy FX CBD Vape Oil

FX CBD Vape Oil
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The FX J. Remedy CBD Hemp oil is the perfect remedy for inflammatory issues and metal health. Besides the fact that REMEDY seeks to create the most organically healthy choice of Hemp oil on the market, it has some of the highest concentration of CBD you can find. 

Highland Pharms says this about this product, "But, what's been added that makes this the perfect ejuice for someone wanting relief from pain and inflammation: beta-Caryophyllen, Pinene, and beta-Myrcene! In our FX line, we've added a noticeable amount more of particular terpenes to give the e-juices (vape oils) their enhanced effects."

 Just Chill 3ml  Vape CBD Oil

eml vape pen cbd
Best CBD Oil prices

​Just Chill has expanded their oil sizes to not only include the 1ml. but also adding the 3ml to their growing collection.  The flavors range from jungle juice to strawberry and a few others you will have to discover for yourself. This is one of the quickest shipping CBD oil companies on the market so pick up yours today. 

From Just Chill's website they say, "CBD is by far the most studied natural cannabinoid. According to many researchers, CBD may be the single most important cannabinoid ever discovered."

 CBD Hemp Oil Drops 250 mg.

Hemp Oil drops
hemp oil drops for sale

At Highland Pharms, they have created a wonderful mint flavored 250mg CBD oil. This extract is unique it that it only is extracted from flowers in Colorado.  They focus on growing medical level hemp that is top quality in the CBD field.  If you are looking for the greatest level quality at an affordable price, check out the CBD 250 Hemp Oil. 

Here are some highlights from the website, "this hemp is grown right here in America and no overseas, pharmaceutical grade not industrial grade, MCT oil base and all natural. "

 Alternate Vape Silver Blend

alternate vape silver blend
Best CBD Oil prices

Alternate Vape silver comes in an array of delicious flavors sure to tickle your taste buds. Here is a snap shot of the 50 MG CBD Oil choices, black and blue berry, citrus, raspberry, margarita, and strawberry. 

From Alternate Vape's site they say this product is, "Highly Unique and Exceptionally High Quality, Alternate Vape makes your CBD Vape Oil to order. You choose how many milligrams of CBD you want in your 10ml bottle. Choose 100mg or 300mg per bottle. Choose your flavor. Then, they'll make it for you!"

 420 Vape Chill 1ml  Blueberry Vape CBD Oil

420 Vape Juice Blueberry
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​The 420 Vape Juices are out with another brilliant product. The Blueberry Dream 420 CBD vape juice. They combined their two formally popular flavors, blueberry India and blue dream hemp oil. They have packaged this small and powerful product in both 60 mg and 100mg bottles for a perfect size for your needs. 

From 420 Vape Juice' website, they say this, "This hybrid of Blueberry India and Blue Dream hemp seed oil is a favorite flavor you can’t go wrong trying. The mere scent of blueberry prepares the moment with anticipation for of the perfectly harmonious blueberry taste everyone loves."

 420 Vape Chill 1ml Strawberry Vape CBD Oil

420 Strawberry Vape Juice
420 vape juice cannabidiol

​If you liked the 420 Vape Juice Blueberry Dream CBD vape juice, your sure to enjoy this Strawberry Diesel flavor. If you ever wondered what it would be like to a have a patch of fresh strawberries all over your house, this will give you that effect. You will stand out in a crowd and enjoy every hit. 

From 420 Juice' website they say it is, "Perfect for any vaporizer, you will want to savor the flavor when using Strawberry Diesel. Subtle and smooth enough to keep you functioning at your highest level with our 100 mg of CBD oil. The strong strawberry smell and taste will make you fall in love with each and every hit. The rich, fruity flavor is what makes Strawberry Diesel stand out from the crowd.."

The Best CBD Wax Dabs | Concentrates

Wax or dabs are a great way to vaporize CBD. Different from oil extract. The wax  process is different from extracting oil based CBD. The potency can end up being higher than the oils. But really fluctuates by brand and potency. We have sought out the best of both worlds and provided a top CBD Dab list for your consumption. 

 420 CBD DABS 180 MG / 240 MG

cbd dabs
Buy 420 Dabs CBD oils

​420 Vape Juices continue to lead the market in some of the best flavors and quality CBD dabs out. Not only are they high quality dabs but they 420 has created some of the most unique and defined flavors on the market. The quality and potency is sure to aid any aliment and bring relief that you may expect from stronger industry prescription drugs but in a natural organic product. Although as per the FDA requirements, these products are not intended to treat health conditions. 

A dab is basically a wax that can be consumed similarly to a jolly rancher (placed under the tongue) or as a vape addictive (added to your vape juice). 

420 CBD Dabs have long been recognized as one of the best wax concentrates to market. 

 Just Chill CBD Concentrate

Just Chill 1 CBD Oil
Best CBD Oil prices

​Just Chill #1 CBD Oil Concentrate Gold is not called, "Gold" for nothing. It is packed with some of the highest standard concentrate on the market. It is another reason that Juts Chill as a brand will continue to dominate the market at this rate. They have a unique product grown locally, which is a win win in this market. 

From Just Chill's website they say that this product comes in, "250mg CBD in 1 Gram Wax/Dab 1 Gram of Concentrated Gold Just Chill CBD Oil in a resealable glass Jar. Works great in vape pens for designed for oils and wax."

 CBD 180 Golden Dab Highland Pharms

180 dab cbd
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​At Highland Pharms, they continue to set industry standards not just for flavors, which can be manipulated but on the process they use creating these crisp wax/dabs. This CBD 180 has a dark golden brown look with grape seed oil for delicious unique flavors. The 180 CBD Oil dab ships in a 1 gram jar with 180mg of CBD.

Highland Pharms says, "This is NOT your average hemp oil extract like most brands. Oh, NO! It is 100% pure hemp oil extract with only grape seed oil having been added to give it its unique thick, but moist consistency and flavor. This is a true dab formulated specifically for bowls or wax chambers of vape pens. The consistency is a nice thick gel that has everyone who has tested it raving about it! The taste is smooth and rich."

 CBD 300 Golden Dab Highland Pharms

300 ml CBD dabs

​Highland Pharms has created more unique mg options than most companies on the market. This 300mg is much like the above 180 but with a bit more flare. 

Highland Pharms says, "This is NOT like other CBD products marketed as a dab......This is an ALL NATURAL formulation that has no other added ingredients, except a small amount of grape seed oil for enhanced taste and moist consistency. It is hemp oil extract that has been worked with to create a natural waxy consistency and looks like Warm Golden Honey! And, its Packed with a minimum 300mg of the finest CBD grown in the U.S.A."

 CBD 750 Golden Dab Highland Pharms

750-cbd oil
Best CBD Oil prices

​The 750 is hands down the strongest wax highland pharms has created. The 750 has more of a crumble effect to the wax. Highland Pharms states that it’s “ultra high CBD concentrate”. This is for the serious consumer who has had enough "trial runs" and wants something that is safe, legal and organic. 

They say, "We continue to raise the bar as to what we offer our customers. This is a super highly concentrated gram of CBD Wax Crumble that has a minimum of 750mg of CBD. One of our recent batches, as shown in the Test Results in the images above, has 838mg of CBD per gram!! That, by itself, is INCREDIBLE."

 Hemp Remedies ReLeaf CBD Dabs

Best CBD Oil prices

​Hemp Remedies has come out with this beautiful product. They say it is made from 80% Concentration which means that in the 1 gram (1000mg), there are around 800mg of CBD. This makes their product, mostly uncontested highest concentrated CBD Dabs on the market.

They said this about their brand on the website, "For those of you who prefer to vape your Hemp CBD, Hemp Remedies has you covered. They have put an extreme amount of effort and attention in the development of their High Grade ReLeaf CBD Dabs. This is one of the few REAL CBD Dab Waxes available.....most are a thick syrup, but not these. You can easily use a dab tool to scrape out a small amount of CBD and insert it into your vape pen cartridge (must have a vape pen cartridge made for concentrates/waxes/dabs. A pen and cartridge designed for only vape oil will not work.)

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