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Gummies CBD 10gm

CBD Gummies

Just Chill CBD Gummy Bears contain 12mg of Just Chill's Gold hemp organic extract.

Tincture CBD

CBD Oil Tincture

CBD Oil put in liquid form. Tinctures is one of the most popular forms of consumption.

CBD cream lotion

Essential oils and the best CBD organic hemp extract mixed together equals one of the riches lotions on the market.

Tincture CBD

Shilajit Resin

Enjoy the wonderful plant based mineral resin from deep in the Himalayan Mountains. Goes great with tea. 

CBD Seed

Hemp Seed 8 oz.

High quality hemp seed processed with no heat preserving quality and nutrition.


Hemp Protein 16 oz.

Natural protein power packed with plant protein that is quality non-gmo, allergen free hemp protein powder.


ReLeaf CBD Dab

Has 80% concentration with 800 mg of CBD in this Hemp Remedies Releaf CBD Dab.

750-cbd oil

One of the strongest wax dabs on the market. Highland Farms is a top CBD Dab producer.


For novice dab consumers. This is packed with 300mg with more flare than the 180.

750-cbd oil

The perfect recipe for newcomers in the dab market or those wanting a light taste.


Just Chill CBD Dab

Packed with the some of the highest standard concentrates on the dab market. 

750-cbd oil

One of the market leading products available with high demand and great taste. 


The 420 Vape Strawberry 1 ml oil is produced to create a wonderful strawberry aftertaste. 

750-cbd oil

The 420 Vape blueberry dream vape juice is an extremely popular flavor in the CBD oil market. 

alternate vape silver blend

Alternate CBD Blend

This Alternate vape silver blend comes in a host of flavors and sizes so be sure to check them out. 

Hemp Oil drops

Highland Farms has produced a great tasting mint flavored 250mg CBD oil extract that is made in the USA. 

3ml-vape oil just chill

3ml CBD Oil Just Chill

The 3ml option for Just Chill's CBD Vape oil product line up comes with several flavor options available. 

FX CBD Vape Oil

J. Remedy Vape Oil

A great remedy for different health issues wishing to be treated organically with natural remedy options. 

Just Chill 1 ml CBD oils

1ml CBD Oil Just Chill

The 31ml option for Just Chill's CBD Vape oil product line up with several flavor options available like the 3ml product.